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Birth Control Specialist

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The OB/GYNs at Galasso, Hirsch & Russell M.D.s, PC, in Manhattan’s Upper East Side have extensive experience in helping women find the right method of contraception, so call them today or book an appointment online.

Birth Control

Many women schedule a gynecologic visit to discuss birth control options. There is a diverse selection of methods available, and we are uniquely positioned to help patients explore and choose the best method for them. Hormonal options include birth control pills, patches, rings, implants and IUDs. Additionally, there is a non-hormonal IUD as well as barrier methods like diaphragms and condoms. One advantage to using condoms is that they offer a level of protection against sexually transmitted diseases that other methods do not provide, so it is sensible to use condoms even if you are also using another form of contraception.

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